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Тестирование проекта «Гербарий»

Фонд перспективных исследований приглашает всех заинтересованных лиц принять участие в публичном бета-тестировании ИИПП и Макета ИПО CAD, разрабатываемых в рамках проекта «Гербарий» - http://гербарий.рф/. Объектом тестирования является набор инструментов разработчика (SDK) интегрированной инженерной программной платформы.

"Две звезды - 2016"

Фото и видео - репортажи с финала традиционного конкурса дуэтов "Две звезды", прошедшего 2016 году.


Видео ЮЗГУ

"Звездопад талантов 2016"

Видео - репортаж с гала-концерт ежегодного конкурса «Звездопад талантов» прошедшего 2016 году.

Видео ЮЗГУ

«Архив мероприятий»

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Conquer Prague, studying English!

Cultural and educational program " Business English in Prague "
As paradoxical as that sounds, but in August of this year, the students and graduates SWSU went for training for business English in the Czech capital - Prague. Teach English in Prague , you say, illogical, but the students of Southwest University decided to try it. And do not make a mistake, because the classes were held in one of the leading language schools in the medieval capital -Caledonian School, operating since 1992 and has a staff of a number of highly qualified specialists - native speakers. Andrew Farrow , a true English gentleman , immediately won the girls - interns for its charm , care and professionalism. Methods of teaching Andrew is based solely on the use of English in the walls of the auditorium . The absence of an intermediary language - the key to the successful development of business and conversational speech. During the course, students and post-graduate students have been mastered certain types of business correspondence , basic telephone conversations, especially the interview in English . Despite the different levels of language students , all participants of the program have not gone unnoticed and was happy to take part in business games , business negotiations , day by day improving our communication skills and crossing the language barrier . " Andrew has expanded our knowledge and energy for the whole academic year" - says Daria Podturkin , second year student of the Faculty of Law SWSU.
In addition to educational training courses participants waited fascinating and informative excursion. The girls visited the Kutna Hora ossuary with its medieval castle and Sternberg, owned by the representatives of the Czech nobility and the Church of St. Barbara , the second largest cathedral of the Czech Republic.
Prague is definitely rich in attractions, medieval castles, bridges, Gothic cathedrals and narrow, cobblestone streets did not put indifferent any of the participants in the program. Over 14 days the students visited not only such famous monuments as Himself St. Vitus and Charles Bridge, but walked around the Wallenstein Gardens, visited Krizik fountains, many hours spent in the scale of its size the Prague zoo.
"The trip to Prague in the cultural and educational tour is a great idea in my opinion. The students had the chance not only in the classroom to improve their language skills, but also on the streets , in shops , cafes and museums. I , as a teacher of English , it was very nice to see how the girls are revealed , step over your fears and communicate with strangers in an international language . I am sure that such programs will be every year "- said the head of the project, Maria Tretyakov, a specialist of international projects and programs.
The next training program is scheduled for December this year, and it promises to be interesting, entertaining and informative !

Ректор ЮЗГУ

– доктор технических наук, профессор, ректор, ФГБОУ ВО «Юго-Западный государственный университет»

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