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Тестирование проекта «Гербарий»

Фонд перспективных исследований приглашает всех заинтересованных лиц принять участие в публичном бета-тестировании ИИПП и Макета ИПО CAD, разрабатываемых в рамках проекта «Гербарий» - http://гербарий.рф/. Объектом тестирования является набор инструментов разработчика (SDK) интегрированной инженерной программной платформы.

"Две звезды - 2016"

Фото и видео - репортажи с финала традиционного конкурса дуэтов "Две звезды", прошедшего 2016 году.


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Southwest State University in Kursk welcomed the first students in 1964. At that time it was called Kursk Polytechnic Institute. Since that time things have been developing by leaps and bounds. Now we have five faculties with more than 27,000 students, almost 20% of whom are from abroad, and more than 4,000 employees. Several international studies document that we conduct world-class research and are one of the top fifty young universities in the world.

Over the years, Southwest State University has interwoven many lives. The roughly five years which a student invests in a university education will lay the groundwork for the rest of his or her life. And with around 115 different study program in the fields of the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences and engineering, the graduates of Southwest University are now members of virtually every profession in the international community.

University Administration

 The general management function consists of the Rector, Pro-Rectors and  Faculty Deans.

Pro-Rectors assist the Rector in the day-to-day management as agreed with the Rector.

Faculty Deans conduct administration functions at faculty level.

The meetings of the University Administration are held on a weekly basis.

The members of the Rector’s Office are:

Rector  Sergey Emelyanov

The First Pro-Rector Leonid Chervyakov

Pro-Rector for Education Oksana Loktionova

Pro-Rector for Science, R&D Oleg Dobroserdov

Pro-Rector for Finance Larisa Servryukova  

Pro-Rector for Property Development Vladimir Bredikhin

Pro-Rector for IT Alexey Pykhtin

Pro-Rector for Capital Development and Security Valery Nozdrin

Pro-Rector for Social Issues Vladimir Hanis   

Rector’s Assistant Galina Ignatenko

Dean Ivan Yemelianov, Faculty of Mechanics and Technologies

Dean Tamara Shirabakina, Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Informatics

Dean Ekaterina Harchenko, Faculty of Economics and Management

Dean Ekaterina Pakhomova, Faculty of Construction and Architecture

Dean Pyotr Ryapolov, Faculty of Sciences

Dean Svetlana Shevelyova, Faculty of Law

Dean Natalia Bozhenkova,, Faculty of Linguistics and Cross-Culture Communication

Dean Irina Minakova, Faculty of International Relations and Public Administration

The rest of the management team, i.e. heads of department and heads of studies, perform their duties on the authority of the Rector.

Southwest State University of Southern Denmark has adopted its first overall strategy, which charts the course for the University towards 2020. (available only in Russian)


See the video presentation of the Southwest State University   - a research university focusing on the students.

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