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Procedures for submission of articles for publication in the scientific journal “Proceedings of South-West State University”



1. The manuscript should contain new results of scientific and practical researches which meet the topic of the section. The results should not be published in any other journals before. New information about the University can be published as well.

2. The manuscript should be written both in Russian and English.

3. The printed text of the manuscript should not be more than 10 pages including figures (not more than 4) and charts (not more than 2).

3.5.4 The author of the manuscript should submit to the publishing department the following:

- the manuscript of the article, printed in accordance with the rules of registration submitted for publication in the journal (see 3.6);

- one certified external review, given by Doctor of Sciences;

- one recommendation of the department or the research department of the institution in which this work has been performed. The recommendation should contain all necessary information about relevance, scientific novelty and practical significance of the article.

- one expert report from the institution where the research has been performed. The report should proof the possibility of publishing the articles in the press (it is a must for technical articles; it is at the request of the Editorial Board for articles on economy). For employees of South-West Sate University an expert report is issued in the form 03.121 (see Appendix 04.018-2005);

- information about the author (surname, name, father’s name; place of employment, position, degree, title, postal address, telephone number and е-mail);

- СD or DVD.

5. Every author can publish not more than one article in one issue. But he can be a co-author in 2 articles in the same issue of the journal. If there is a need to publish more articles in one issue, then it should be agreed with the Editorial Board of the journal.

6. Within five working days after submission of the materials the Editorial and Publishing Department informs the author by e-mail that the manuscript is accepted (or rejected) for consideration.

7. All submitted manuscripts are reviewed. The procedure for reviewing is in accordance with 29.068-2012.

8. In case the article is not accepted for publication, the Editorial and Publishing Department informs the author.

9. In case the article is accepted for publication, the author signs a licensing agreement 03.074 (see Appendix A).

10. The Editorial Board doesn’t consider the manuscripts which don’t meet to the requirements of the journal.

11. Materials submitted for publication are not returned.

12. The date of receipt of the manuscript to the Editorial Board is specified in the published article. In case the author corrects the manuscript then the Editorial Board assigns the date of the final text of the article.

13. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles with the author’s variant of the scientific content.


All materials should be sent to: 305040, Editorial and Publishing Department, SWSU, 94, ul. 50 let Oktyabrya, Kursk, Russia


Tel.: +7(4712) 50-48-19 


Pripachkina Ye. Al.


Requirements to the articles for publication in the scientific peer-reviewed  journal “Proceedings of South-West State University


1. The body of the manuscript (except the annotation and key words) is printed in a text editor MS WORD, font «Times New Roman» 14 pt single-spaced,

full justification. Margins from the left side of the sheet, from above and below are 2,5 cm; margins from the right side are 2 cm.

2. The article should contain the following: the index according to the universal decimal classification; a surname and initials of the author; the author’s scientific degree, title, place of work, e-mail and telephone number; the name of the article (in bold, capital letters); annotation and key words; the text with  figures  and charts; bibliography.

3. Printing styles are forbidden so as changing the rules of the sample or making a new sample. Words within a paragraph should be separated by a single space; the text should be typed without forced carry over to the next line; any charter spacing is forbidden.

4. The equation editor MathType version 5.2 and others should be used for a set of formulas and variables: usual – 12 pt; large indices – 7 pt; small indices – 5 pt; large symbols – 18 pt; small symbols – 12 pt.

The type page should be 75 mm. If the formula is larger, then it is necessary to simplify it or split into several lines. Formulae as images are not allowed!

All Russian and Greek letters (Ω, η, β, μ, ω, υ etc.), symbols for trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tg и т.д.) and chemical formulae should be typed in normal font. Latin letters should be typed in italics. The article should contain only the most necessary formulae.

5. The size of all values in the article should conform to the International System of Units.

6. All figures and charts are inserted into the text. The charts should have appropriate headings. Figures should be in one of the standard formats (TIFF,JPEG,PNG) with resolution 300 dpi and are published in black-white. The quality of  figures  should allow their polygraphic reproduction without additional corrections.  figures  in MSWord are not allowed.

 figures  are inserted into the text using the option « Insert-Picture-From File» with wrapping. The text should be aligned to the center of the page without indention. Other technological insertions are not allowed.

7. Bibliography in the article is obligatory. It should reflect all cited recourses mentioned in the article.

Bibliography should be organized according to All Union State Standard 7.0.5-2008. «References. General rules on making referencing». Authors are not allowed to refer to the articles which are still in print. References in the text should be given in brackets.

8. Authors are requested to use only standard abbreviations in the text.

9. Authors can bring the manuscript to the Editorial Board personally as well as sent it by e-mail: Then the manuscript should be in the form of archive formats rar or exe (self-extracting) and recorded to a CD (or a DVD). The manuscript and all the charts and figures should be archived.  





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